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Our first step is the most important in helping your rug last. If you think vacuuming is all it takes to rid your rug of dust, think again. Not even the strong commercial vacuums can successfully remove dust.


We go below the surface to clean What you cannot see

The second step in our process is a thorough shampooing of your rug using specially formulated, non-bleaching mixture.


Any other method of cleaning is just losing steam. Many companies think steam cleaning is the solution to rinsing. Unfortunately, steam cleaning often fails to remove the soap residue left by shampooing.


Following tradition, we let your rug hang loose.

Using a few technological improvements, we dry your rug the way they have been dried for centuries.

Persian Rugs:

Large Inventory:

We carry a large inventory of fine antique and semi-antique Persian and European rugs. The followings are example of some of the type of rugs that we hold in inventory.

Preserve your rug:

Persian rug is much like a fine fur, delicate, beautiful and possession of a great value in keeping with a rich 2500 years of heritage, each rug is carefully designed, hand woven and knotted. Brilliantly-colored would form patterns so individual, so intricate, that no two rugs are ever quite alike. Masterpieces such as these require special care in order to preserve their life, value, beauty and comfort.

At Oriental Rug Services:

At Oriental Rug Services, we respect the time-honored traditions of fine Oriental rugs and understand that you would no more steam clean one than you would a fine fur. If properly cared for, your rug can be a treasured heirloom to be passed down and enjoyed for generations to come.