Oriental Rug Services

For Oriental Rug Cleaning and Restoration services
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Our first step is the most important in helping your rug last. If you think vacuuming is all it takes to rid your rug of dust, think again. Not even the strong commercial vacuums can successfully remove dust.


We go below the surface to clean What you cannot see

The second step in our process is a thorough shampooing of your rug using specially formulated, non-bleaching mixture.


Any other method of cleaning is just losing steam. Many companies think steam cleaning is the solution to rinsing. Unfortunately, steam cleaning often fails to remove the soap residue left by shampooing.


Following tradition, we let your rug hang loose.

Using a few technological improvements, we dry your rug the way they have been dried for centuries.

About Oriental Rug Cleaning:

Our expert staff offers extensive knowledge and experience in treating all types of oriental, european, antique rugs. We have serviced 1000s of rugs. When you depend on us for the care of your oriental rug, you assure it's continued value, service life, comfort and beauty.

Our Staff consist of well experienced experts in the field of fine Persian and European rugs. They provide a trusted and reliable service for all of the customer's needs.

Fantastic designs:

Great color Metro look
Modern design fits any place
versatile and traditional
Progressive soft colors


I have tried many companies to care for my Persian rugs, I was always dissatisfied with some aspect of their service, in contrast Oriental Rug Cleaning has provided a high class service every time.
H. Golgoun (Physician)
My dog and my rugs.
I love my dog but I do treasure my antique oriental rugs that have been given to us by my in-laws. My dog has had some accidents on these rugs, and I thought that I could never get the scent out. I research the field and someone recommended Oriental Rug Cleaning based on their positive experience that they have had. I am so pleased with the result.
April Jeckson (housewife)
No more sun damage.
Our rug was getting sun's rays on part of it for some times till we finally noticed the color discrepancies from one side to the other. I thought it is a loss, but they have restored in way that I cannot tell the difference. What a job!!.
Alan Pool (lawyer)
Tear in the corner of the rug
We were trying to trade our damaged rug in and see if we can get anything out of it when one of the salesmen said, if you want to really get a better value have it repaired. We never thought that could be possible so based on his recommendation with got it done here. We love the job and happy with our rug that we ended up keeping it as the center piece of our design.
Serg Brin (manager)