High quality oriental rug cleaning

We Provide Oriental Rug Cleaning and Restoration Services
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High quality oriental rug cleaning starts here. If you think vacuuming is all it takes to rid your rug of dust, think again. Not even the strong commercial vacuums can successfully remove dust.


We go below the surface to clean What you cannot see

The second step in our process is a thorough shampooing of your rug using specially formulated, non-bleaching mixture.


Any other method of cleaning is just losing steam. Many companies think steam cleaning is the solution to rinsing. Unfortunately, steam cleaning often fails to remove the soap residue left by shampooing.


Following tradition, we let your rug hang loose.

Using a few technological improvements, we dry your rug the way they have been dried for centuries.


To preserve the value, you must maintain and care for your investment. It is known that the rugs that have been properly cleaned and preserved retain their values.

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Mission of Oriental Rug Services

Comprehensive Oriental Rug services
Oriental rug services to provide the most comprehensive oriental rug cleaning and extensive ways to clean, restore, or repair your prized Oriental rugs.
We strive to meet and exceed clients expectations & clients satisfaction and happiness is the corner stone of our business strategy.
You should be rest assured that your oriental rugs will be cleaned by the highest industry standards.
We provide the most comprehensive services in the industry. We are the place for all of your needs.
The most important aspect of our services from cleaning your oriental rug to restoring them, is the Quality that we provide our customers.
If your prized oriental rug is beyond your imagination for restoration and help, please let us surprise you with our capabilities to bring back and add lost value to your rug.
We can virtually repair your rug with all kinds of conditions. Give us a call and we will give you a complimentary evaluation and strategy.
Commitment to Environment
We use and employ all organic materials and colors in all levels and aspects of our services. Being green and caring for the future of our planet has vital value to us. .